Our Engagements

01 — Premium Products

Whatever the number of guests, we choose our products with the same attention. Our culinary creations are made exclusively from high quality and extremely fresh ingredients. In addition, for an even more authentic flavor, we favor seasonal and French products.

All our meats are traced: Aubrac Label Rouge beef, Limousin Label Rouge veal, Landes Label Rouge free-range poultry, Brass Label Rouge lamb from Aveyron. As for our fish and shellfish, they come from French fishing. Our charcuterie comes from French or Italian artisanal production.

fromages de producteurs locaux
l'équipe du traiteur Jérôme Perche en tenue pour respecter les règles sanitaires


The entire Maison Jérôme Perche team constantly monitors compliance with French health and safety standards. All our achievements are prepared in our equipped laboratory and meet all current standards. At the same time, our staff is continuously trained to respect these rules.

In addition, these measures are all the more reinforced by the current government directives concerning the global pandemic. We have been able to adapt to continue to offer you the same quality of service in complete safety.

Finally, with regard to the storage of our food, it is kept in cold rooms. During deliveries, we use refrigerated trucks so as not to break the cold chain.

03 — Flexibility & Transparency

All of our menus are made in a traditional way by us or for certain pastries by our collaborator pastry chef and cake designers.

We control every step, from sourcing to making, including delivery and service, to guarantee you an authentic experience.

We are aware that each event is unique, which is why the caterer Jérôme Perche Maison Jérôme Perche and his team can provide you with a tailor-made service.

Your tastes, your vision and your desires are very important to us. We also adapt our menus to certain diets, allergies or intolerances.

foie gras label rouge de haute qualité sur pain toasté